How to add tretinoin to the skincare routine?


Tretinoin in SkincareTretinoin is an elixir used for excluding acne and sun-tan, etc.; tretinoin is a gel or cream type of medication that profoundly consists of Vitamin-A. Tretinoin is a very stable medication that serves to exterminate the skin cells and nourishes them in nurturing new and healthy skin cells, making your skin salubrious and safe. Tretinoin in skincare  is effective and available only with a prescription. In this article, you will know:

  1. Benefits of Tretinoin
  2. How tretinoin works on your skin
  3. How to add tretinoin to the skincare routine
  4. Different brand names of tretinoin
  5. Side effects of tretinoin
  6. Conclusion

Benefits of Tretinoin 

tretinoin skincareTretinoin is a topical prescription used for healing many skin issues for almost 50 years. The products which are consolidated with tretinoin contain many antibacterial ingredients that help in removing bacteria and germs on the face. The following are some of the amazing benefits of using tretinoin on your face,

  1. Tretinoin helps in removing acne.
  2. It helps in reducing inflammation and soreness, which is affiliated with acne.
  3. According to the clinical data, this artificial paraphrase of Vitamin A, aka topical tretinoin, helps in liquidating both inflammatories as well as noninflammatory acne.
  4. If you use this amazing topical tretinoin repeatedly, it helps in removing the furies of acne too.
  5. It will help in removing the suntan as well as helps in shielding the skin from sunburning.
  6. It won’t remove wrinkles entirely, but it will help in reducing it and its fine lines.
  7. It also helps in improving the tone and texture of your skin and remove the dark spots.

How does tretinoin work on your skin? 

tretinoin skincare Tretinoin works in your skin by treating dark spots, acne, and sun damage. It also penetrates the pores and disinfects the pores. It works in removing dry skin, damaged skin and helps in alleviating the skin. It also removes the older skin and develops newer skin.

One of the exciting things about tretinoin is no researchers know how tretinoin helps in removing the skin disease; it only does. No one knows how it works in this amazing way. Many researchers say that tretinoin stimulates epidermal turnover.

So, it will accommodate in assassinating the inert cells as fast as it could so that the skin feels more energized, lively, healthy, and glowing.

How to add tretinoin to your skincare routine?

As you already know that tretinoin helps in removing acne, reducing wrinkles, and helps in unanticipated aging and anti-aging; you have to know how to use this great medication in your skincare routines. If you gape how to add this tretinoin to your skincare cycle, the following is a fantastic guide that will lead you in using the medication.

  • Tretinoin is available in lotion, cream, gel, tube, etc.; use according to the prescription of your doctor.
  • Apply a sheer layer of Tretinoin cream on the night before going to bed. Make sure you are using the cream after washing your face cleanly.
  • In the morning, wash your face with a mild face wash or facial scrub.
  • After washing the face, make sure you’re applying a moisturizer along with sunscreen daily.
  • When you start using tretinoin for the first time, it will irritate your skin like hell. It has to get used to your skin. It will irritate your skin, make your skin like a tomato due to redness. So, to reduce the redness and irritation, you can apply moisturizer to the skin.

That is it. This skincare routine will help you in many ways. It will fight acne, inflammation, aging, etc., Don’t stop using this when you feel it’s more irritating and flaking. When it gets used to your skin, it will show its majestic power.

Different Brand Names of Tretinoin

Brand namesTretinoin is available in different names in the market. Tretinoin is mostly prescribed for acne vulgaris. It is also prescribed for acute promyelocytic leukemia. The following are some of the brand names of tretinoin.

  1. Pinoin
  2. Retino – A
  3. Retinol
  4. Lustre
  5. Eudyna
  6. Tintin
  7. Revize
  8. Tretinac A
  9. Retina-A Micro
  10. Atralin
  11. Avita
  12. Renova

The above are the brand names of the tretinoin available in the market. But you need a doctor’s prescription to buy this topical cream.

Tretinoin is available in the market in the below forms.

  1. Gel. It consists of 0.01%, 0.025%, 0.05%, 0.1%, 0.04% Tretinoin.
  2. Cream. It consists of 0.2%, 0.05%, 0.01%, 0.0375% of Tretinoin.
  3. Capsule. It consists of 10 mg of tretinoin.
  4. Solution. It consists of 0.05 % of tretinoin.

Side effects of tretinoin

side efeects of tretinoinThis topical medication has some side effects. You have to know the side effects and disadvantages before using any medication on your skin. Then after figuring out the pros and cons, you can apply it to your skin. The following are some of the side effects of tretinoin.

  1. Severe dryness on the skin will affect sebum production.
  2. Redness, irritation, and burning are more common in the starting.
  3. Skin lightening on the applied area.
  4. Sensitive skin affects more by peeling, flaking.

The above are the cons of tretinoin. If you notice some other side effects, consult your doctor.


The topical medication helps in many skin issues. It will help in removing acne, pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, etc.; according to the doctors and the users of this tretinoin, the side effects won’t last long.

It will get cured within 2 to 6 weeks of using this cream. This tretinoin also helps to slow down the effects of cancer, or sometimes it also stops cancer. Cancer is cured by taking the tretinoin pills is called leukemia. I hope this article helps.  Please consult your doctor first before applying anything to the skin.

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