How to Look Polished and Put Together?

We might not be celebrities or ramp models, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a right to look polished and put together. It is always good for an individual to become the best version of themselves.

How to Look Polished and Put Together?

Though several people find it too difficult but it is not rocket science, taking an extra step to look more polished and presentable makes an individual’s image professional. It shows that he/she cares about every detail and pays attention to it.

A polished look might portray several aspects of personality i.e., confidence, self-respect, caring, punctiliousness, etc. Individuals who look more polished and put together are more attractive and socially acceptable and more trustable.

But the question arises that how can we look polished and put together to look more professional and socially acceptable without spending too much.

First of all, it becomes necessary for us to know what does look polished and put together mean?

Looking polished means how well-groomed and attractive you look on an overall basis, it simply means how can an individual look like a perfectionist.

Here are the few ways in which you can look polished and put together:

Polished looks can be categorized on four aspects i.e.

  1. Body and personal hygiene
  2. Outfits and accessories
  3. Body posture and psyche
  4. Professional, classy, and sophisticated

Looking polished means how well-groomed and attractive you look on an overall basis. It simply means how can an individual look like a perfectionist.

Body and Personal Hygiene

Body and Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is important for healthy living and social reasons as well. A healthy body and good hygiene lower the risk of diseases in an individual. It also shows how much you care about your own body and helps in enhancing self-confidence and self-esteem.

Personal hygiene includes:

Clear Skin:

It is always advisable that one should have a proper skincare routine i.e., a.m and p.m. routine. Everyone has a different type of skin, therefore everyone should use products as per their skin types so that they don’t suffer from severe skin conditions. I would advise that drink plenty of water and have salad in your diet to keep your skin healthy.


It is always a good habit to brush your teeth twice a day and do flossing whenever you feel like, as it ensures nothing is left in your teeth which might result in tooth decay or foul odor. You can even visit the doctor once every six months for better oral hygiene. Make sure you clean your tongue too while brushing your teeth as it helps in removing bad breath from mouth.


Do wash your hair twice a week at least depending upon your scalp condition. Take a fine haircut as per your face shape and learn one or two hairstyles as per your face shape so that you can wear as per your wish. Also, apply the serum on your hair to get rid of frizziness and apply masque ones every 20 days for better hair health. Also, add some vitamins into your daily routine to prevent hair fall.


Always apply a good amount of sunscreen, to prevent your skin from sun damage and carry a scarf as well whenever you go out in the sun as the sun can damage your skin and hair with its harmful UVA and UVB rays.


I also recommend you learn basic makeup so that you can make yourself look presentable at small events and get together.

Nails and hands:

Keep your nails well-groomed, you can cut and file them on your own or could go for a basic manicure. Apply a decent color nail paint to give your nails a more finished look, similarly apply a decent amount of moisturizer on your hands so that it remains moisturized and soft.

Body Hair:

Always shave your body and get rid of extra hairs from your body, also get your eyebrows and upper lips threading done on regular basis.

Feminine hygiene:

Maintain good hygiene of your private part by washing it with non-scented soap or vaginal wash, wear cotton underwear, sanitize toilet seat before using public toilets; This would prevent rashes and irritation.


Use good perfume on your pulse points and apply deodorant or roll-on on your body.

Foot and toenails:

Always cut your toe-nails and scrub your feet to get rid of cracked heels, moisturize it well before going to bed.


  1. Maintain a minimalistic wardrobe:- Keep your wardrobe maintained and organized. Make sure there are no threadbare, stains on your clothes, buttons should be fixed and no broken zips should be there. Try to keep a small sewing kit with you and safety pins in your bag in case of an emergency all the time.
  2. Iron or steam your clothes:- Ironed clothes gives a positive impression about a person, therefore wear well-ironed clothes always, Remove the lines caused by ironing with the help of the garment steamer.
  3. Pet hair:- Make sure you use a pet hair remover tool to remove pet hair from your clothes.
  4. Polished footwear:- make sure you polish your footwear before going outside as most people judge your personality by seeing the condition of your footwear.
  5. Bag Care:- Keep your bag covered at a safe place to prevent damages, clean it on a timely basis in case it is of nude color.
  6. Scarves and jewelry:- always hang your scarves in your wardrobe to prevent it from wrinkles and keep your jewelry stored and organized in a safe place so that it doesn’t oxidize over a period of time.
  7. Wear no show socks.
  8. Have a basic style and color combination sense

Tips to Look Professional and Classy

  1. Use good body gestures:- Using welcoming body gestures creates a positive aura of an individual which attracts most people indirectly.
  2. Make a habit of saying golden vocabulary:- It shows a gentle attitude of an individual which give a positive feeling
  3. Always show gratitude:- Showing a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation to others reflects your polite behavior and warm attitude.
  4. Be on time always:- Reaching before time shows punctuality of an individual and shows how seriously he/she takes given work.
  5. Maintain a good posture:- Always stand straight and confident.
  6. Avoid using harsh words:- Usage of harsh words anywhere in public shows unprofessional behavior of an individual, therefore avoid using that.
  7. Avoid saying ill for others:- Don’t get involved in backbiting conversations as it contributes to creating your negative image.
  8. Show respect and kindness:– Showing respect, friendly nature, and feeling of admiration is liked by everyone on this earth. Try to inculcate such habits within yourself.
  9. Maintain composure:- In a professional environment, maintaining good composure can redefine your personality as a human being.
  10. Follow the saying: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

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