Squalane v/s Squalene

Both the words are pretty similar to each other. But still, the word ‘e’ makes a complete difference.

The mentioned squalene is shark liver oil. And it is being practiced in several moisturizers in cosmetics. And it is an organic compound.

Even though squalane and squalene are lipids and have the same purposes for human skin, and it is found in several skin care products like moisturizers at concentrations varying from 0.1 to 50%. When we talk about their potency and stability, it makes a difference.

The squalane (with an “a”) is emptiness, only a derivative of squalene acquired from the method of hydrogenation. It holds a significantly lighter texture as compared to squalene and can be a good pick for oily and acne-prone skin.

The major variations between them are that squalene is notably unstable and declines immediately to support oxidation, and hence, it can’t function efficiently on the skin.

As, on the other hand, squalane is very much stable and extra shelf-friendly. It is not that prone to oxidation, so it can be added commonly into skincare and some special care products.

Though the conversion from squalene to squalane never replaces the biology or benefit of squalene, and both things are fairly effective. Furthermore, squalane is plentiful and stable and holds a more prolonged shelf life.

So, here some of the squalene supplements are

1.OZiva Plant-Based DHT Blocker (With Stinging Nettle, Beta-Sitosterol, Pumpkin Seed, Pine Bark), 60 Capsules: –

The price is Rs. 599.

How to use it?

Use one capsule every day, in mid-morning or in the twilight, before or after eating with a glassful of water.


  • It promotes hair growth.
  • Reduces hair fall.

2.TrueBasics Omega-3 Fish Oil

Available at 799.

How to use it?

Once in a day, going to bed.


  • It helps to regulate cholesterol and complete cardiovascular health.
  • The Omega-3 lowers triglyceride levels in the blood. And stops atherosclerosis and heart disease. The available EPA and DHA help stop cardiovascular events and enhance endothelial function in sufferers with heart disease.

3. Hadjod

Available at ₹ 165.00


  • It Strengthens the bones.
  • It stimulates the healing of cracks by maintaining the delicate, healthful equilibrium among bone repair and also in bone formation.

4. Gluta Fizz

Active glutathione for gentlemen and women for detox and youthful skin from within.

Available at ₹ 930.

How to use it?

1 tablet every day.

Benefits: –

It will soon unlock your internal beauty. The delicious, fizzy formula comes with glutathione, a strong antioxidant to maintain the skin looking and feeling great. It helps to promote complete skin health, including fine lines, wrinkles, texture, pigmentation, and tone. It is suggested for both men and women. Simply put one tablet in a glassful of water and have a detox drink.

Squalene and squalaneSome benefits of squalene or squalane for good skin?

Affirms external skin barrier: 

With the emollient qualities, it helps consistently in sealing moisture. It helps to strengthen and repair the negotiated lipid barrier of the skin.

It helps to heal multiple skin concerns in which the skin barrier is disrupted, and transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is an effect like eczema and psoriasis.

Behaves as an emollient:

Squalene and squalane differenceThe squalene and squalane will stimulate the skin’s natural oils, presenting them as an excellent emollient, and it is the main reason why they are very much used in the production of several moisturizers for beautiful skin.

It behaves as an occlusive emollient and acts by developing a wall of moisture on the skin’s uppermost layer. It improves in trapping and securing moisture inside the skin by restricting TEWL (transepidermal water loss).

Though squalene has a denser consistency, it is finely satisfied for extra dry and mature skin, giving it effective in soothing away aridity and rough spots from the skin. But, squalane, because of its lighter texture, is beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin.

Anti-aging benefits

Squalene and squalaneUnluckily, the actual composition of squalene in our bodies through the sebaceous glands decreases down somewhat after 30, which happens in much dry, saggy & curled skin and is a great guide to the growth of quick indications of premature aging of the skin.

This thing happens while an obvious reference of squalene is much required to repair its content in the skin.

Well, bottling up squalene might not be the correct thing to be done because of its extremely unstable reality. And it’s wherever the work of squalane grows in!

Slathering up skincare brands comprising squalane as a crucial component in the extended run. It supports renovating the moisture levels in the skin, giving a youthful look, bright and wrinkle-free skin.

Is squalene comodegenic?

squalene and squalane differenceThe squalene alone is quite unstable and comedogenic for many skin kinds, and it will go rancid very soon. The squalane is while squalene runs by hydrogenation processing. It implies that it directs the squalene from an unsaturated oil to a 100% saturated oil. Well, it’s still higher than coconut oil which is about 80-90%. Why this is so necessary is since the skin does not provide saturated fatty acids on its own, and it is required for accurate moisturization and well-being of the skin. Additionally, it’s non-comedogenic and proper for all skin kinds!

Is squalane suitable for eczema?

So, the response is yes.

The squalane contains anti-inflammatory qualities, and it can relieve a type of inflammatory skin difficulty. It involves:

  1. inflammatory acne
  2. eczema
  3. psoriasis
  4. dermatitis
  5. rosacea

Dry skin is a manifestation of those skin circumstances. But, putting the skin always hydrated can raise the skin’s moisture level, decreasing flare-ups and dry spots.

Squalene oil side effects

The Shark liver oil is somewhat Harmless for adults when adopted for the short term. But lesser side effects linked to the stomach and intestines have been noticed.

The injury of the Liver has also been described for one soul using shark liver oil.

Taking high doses of shark liver oil might raise cholesterol levels. The Shark liver oil can create pneumonia in humans who unintentionally exhale it into the lungs.

Check the shark liver oil on a spot of skin like the inside arm to be assured that you aren’t allergic to it. Some Symptoms of an allergic reaction involve:

  • itching
  • redness
  • swelling


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