The Simplest Way to Determine Your Skin Type

The Simplest Way to Determine Your Skin Type

What Kind of Skin Do You Have?

The simplest way to determine your skin type

Every skin kind can serve from everyday cleansing and moisturizing, though distinct skin types1, which introduce oily, dry, normal, combination, and sensitive skin, have distinct requirements—which is why (determine your skin type) knowing about your skin kind is the initial step in caring for it. Though how do you identify what kind of skin you have? The solution can be obtained through simple sight.


Five distinct skin types: oily, dry, normal, combination, and sensitive

  1. determine your skin type ; you can start to obtain notified decisions—providing your skin the care and strength it requires now and for ages to grow.


Skin kind can usually be discovered by easy observation. Only with a few steps, you will get to know about your skin type. You can easily follow these steps at your home in a few minutes only.

Exploring Your Skin

  1. Just Pat your face using a tissue: – You need to wait an hour later to wash your face and then rub your T-zone using a tissue. Stare at the tissue to know if oil scraped off on it. If it did so, you may either have oily or combination skin.

The T-Zone constitutes your forehead and nose. The area is called the T-zone since the bridge of your nose makes the bottom of the “T”. The portion of your forehead over your eyebrows makes the top of the “T”.

  1. See how your skin appears: – When you have dry skin kind, your face will seem tight after cleaning whereas oily skin will seem more precise immediately after washing it. The T-zone will seem clear when you have combination skin, though your cheeks will sense tightness. Sensitive skin will react to specific cleaners and may create itchy skin or a rash (determine your skin type).

When you have sensitive skin, your face skin will have red, itchy, or a rash form after applying some facial products.

Oily skin will begin to seem greasy again as your heyday resumes.

When you are seeing your skin kind doesn’t come below any of these kinds and you are independent of problem domains, you have normal skin kind which needs low care! Well-wishing’s to you!

You can have blemishes or acne at any time, notably when you have an oily skin kind.

  1. See in the mirror: – When you see red, flaky patches all across your face, you possibly have dry and or sensitive skin kind. When your face skin is bright all around, you have oily skin kind. A mixture of both indicates that you have combination skin.
  2. View your pore area: –While you have normal skin kind, your pores will be noticeable but not huge. Get some moves back from the mirror. When you yet observe your pores, you may have oily skin kind. When your pores are not at all noticeable, you may have dry skin kind. Combination skin befalls if you have more than 1 pore size on your face skin ending in a mixture of dry, oily, and normal skin kinds.
  3. Pinch at your face skin: – When your skin kind gets wrinkles quickly after the force is applied, you may have a dry or combination skin kind. Oily skin will seem to feel soft and cream like.
  4. Discuss with your dermatologist: –When you still have not succeeded in deciding what kind of skin you have, your dermatologist can give you solutions to your skin problems. There are amazing over-the-counter remedies they can guide and methods they can do to operate your dry, oily, sensitive, combination, or acne-prone skin when everything else disappoints.

Here, one more method to find out the skin kind: –


This process is extremely quick and usually an outstanding differentiator among oily and dry skin kinds. Smoothly rub a blotting paper on the distinct parts of your face. Then keep the sheet up to the light to know how much oil is noticeable. When the sheet pulled up little to no oil, you most possibly have dry skin kind. When the blotting sheet shows oil from the forehead and nose parts, your skin is a combination skin kind. Lastly, when the blotting paper is soaked with oil, you possibly have oily skin kind.

Way Treating Your Skin

  1. Gently Use moisturizer to dry skin: –

You can use a fragrance-free lotion to the dry parts of your skin. Don’t exceed it on the soap when you are having a shower, and utilize warm water, not hot water.

Simply apply soap on the stained sections of your body, simply on your armpits, your privates, under your breasts, and within your toes. Applying soap all over your body can dry out and hurt your skin.

Dry skin can further point to dermatitis. In this fact, handle your problem regions with hydrocortisone ointment.

  1. Clean in the daylight and at bedtime when you have oily skin kind: – Use a soothing facial cleaner with warm water to clean your face for 30 seconds to a minute.
  2. Get a fair treatment for combination skin: –

Apply a fragrance-free soothing cleanser to clean your face, and don’t use soaps with hard elements. Consume more foods with necessary fatty acids including salmon, flaxseed, and butternuts, or get a fish oil addition. It will better moisturize your skin externally combining oil to it.

  1. Apply a soap-free facial cleaner on sensitive or acne-prone skin: – Apply a soothing facial cleanser without combined fragrance or elements to stop skin inflammation. Moisturize your skin to stop the possible breach of dry spots. Search skin goods before utilizing them by using a small quantity back your ear, then to the side of your eye, and recognizing how it reacts overnight.
  2. Be hydrated : –Try to drink more water when you need a fresh complexion. Your skin kind will offer more sebum (oil) when it’s dehydrated to hold itself lubricated. When you remain hydrated, your skin will appreciate you.

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