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Why Makeup is Necessary?

Why Makeup Is Necessary?

Makeup has always been an essential part of all women’s life. Every woman must have used it in her lifetime at least once. You might have seen women of all ages using makeup. It has been used by women since ancient times to make them look attractive and different from others. Historians believe that it was discovered 7000 years ago in Egypt.

Why Makeup Is Necessary?
Why Makeup Is Necessary?

Firstly used by women of Egypt in the form of kohl and lip colour for making themselves look attractive. But the most interesting fact which astonishes me is that despite having so many cultural variations, few physical characteristics have been found to be universal markers of beauty.

After knowing the hype about makeup there comes a question in every individual mind that is it really necessary to wear it as questions like need and necessity confuse the human mind regularly. 

Though there is no particular need as such to wear makeup, women have several reasons to wear it.

Protects Skin

Nowadays make up comes with ingredients like vitamin-c, vitamin-e, copper peptides, SPF, etc which is good for our skin and helps our skin to remain hydrated and healthy-looking.

Not only it provides a barrier to the skin but also provides protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. If you choose make up as per your skin type, it will not cause damage to your skin.

Wearing make up also makes us a little more caring towards our skincare routine as we will be sticking to the regular regime of a.m., p.m. routine of skincare.

Makeup Provides Natural Healthy Look

 These days, it is difficult to maintain our skin from acne, pigmentation marks, dark circles, and scars. But by wearing makeup, we can instantly hide these dark spots without causing any damage to our skin. It helps in blurring out imperfections and gives our skin a picture-perfect look.

Provides Natural Healthy Look

Nowadays, we are mostly judged by our appearance, and to deal with personal insecurities, women wear make up; if you wear make up, not only it will give you a polished look but it also gives an illusion of healthy-looking skin without damaging it much.

It is a proven psychological fact that women feel much more confident and beautiful when she puts on makeup. It also gives a more elegant and feminine feeling.

Makeup Enhances Appearance

 Through make up, a woman can enhance her facial features by giving it dimensions and warmth through some products. Simultaneously, she can hide some of the shortcomings in her looks.

Why Makeup Is Necessary?
Why Makeup Is Necessary?

Overall it works like magic, which can help you to give a more subtle and polished look. Make up can completely transform a person, enhance one’s beauty. The ideology of makeup is to enhance and highlight the best features of the face and give more dimension and structure.

Makes You Picture Perfect

These days, you can see, the internet and social media are at their boom stage; everyone is highly active on social media sharing their personal photos and videos by using filters. Therefore, it absolutely shows the need for makeup has emerged indirectly among women. As makeup not only makes you look picture-perfect, but it also helps in hiding imperfections that you don’t want others to see.

Makeup Gives A Transformed Look

Over a period of time make-up has evolved and it will continue to grow and set new high standards as society progresses. Ever since civilization evolved, makeup also evolved and used by several queens for enhancing their looks and making their personalities distinguished from others.

Applying makeup could definitely give you a transformed look in a couple of minutes. Be it making yourself look younger or getting ready for an occasion. It could easily make you feel special through its power.

Helps In Showcasing Emotion And Personality

Make up is also considered versatile art through which an individual can show his or her emotions and personality. Several cultures use makeup to showcase their traditional values and lifestyle while some use it to give tribute to some art or god. 

Showcase A Sense Of Self Care

 It is a fact that several women wear make up not only to look attractive or beautiful, but it is a way through which they can show a pinch of self-care towards themselves.

I believe that every woman deserves to feel special; makeup actually gives an extraordinary feeling, which is impeccable.

Boosts the essence of Feminism

 The process of application of makeup psychologically prepares women for the event for which she is planning to be a part of and gives her psychological pleasure as well. Before getting ready for any event which indirectly helps in uplifting her mood towards things.

Women have always been considered as polite, elegant, classy, and compassionate in our society. Make-up just helps in polishing that defined image of women in a physical manner.

Conveys Respect Towards Others

We all see women dressed differently for different occasions and simultaneously they do makeup differently for different occasions, by spending time in getting ready and looking presentable, it shows respect and importance she gives to little things in her life.It also shows a gesture of care and simply defines women as a social creature in society. 

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