What are AHA/BHA and PHA in skincare?

Introduction: – 

You might already know about the AHA BHA PHA if you are researching skincare products. However, you are on your way to eliminate all the impurities and improve your skin type, mainly of your face.

These might pronounce as AHA BHA PHA, but these are the substance which is adding to skin care cosmetic products for many decades.

Exactly it is true; They have been adding on skincare for four decades till now. However, there is the possibility of some good reason why they are used for so long in cosmetic products.


What is meant by AHA BHA PHA?

AHA BHA PHA is referred to as three hydroxy acids. And they are discovered in many things in nature known as Alpha hydroxy acids and polyhydroxy acids.

So, all of these are not developed chemicals that may hurt your skin and body. But mainly, they are originated from nature, mostly from edible sources. They are not harmful, and you need not worry about anything.

These acids are generally useful for exfoliating skin (use for eliminating dead skin cells from the top of your skin) and removing pigmentation. You may get rid of excess oil from your skin. It will also improve the aging of the skin.

These hydroxy acids can also be as beneficial as sunscreen. They contain antioxidants or anti-inflammatory properties. If the individual wants to boost their skin glow, health, and beauty, this will better suit you.


Every acid has its unique and special properties. You can apply it for a specific purpose or different skin kinds. For specifically, some of the acids are useful for oily skin, and some are useful for dry skin. At the same time, others are beneficial for sensitive skin.


Now, discuss more the benefits and properties of all the hydroxy acids.


Benefits of AHA (Alpha hydroxy acids) on your skin: –

AHA is beneficial for exfoliating the skin. And it helps you to cleanse your skin easily. It will surely brighten your skin. If the individual has a rough texture of the skin, fine lines, and wrinkles on your skin, it is the right one to pick.

Nature of AHA: – The AHA is hydrophilic; it implies that this is attracted to water. If you have dry skin, then AHA is the relevant one for you. It can lock moisture onto your skin. AHA will provide smoothness to your skin. They are perfect for the ones who want rid of aging skin. As, nowadays many young people have prematurely aged skin, so it will help you. Improve your skin and eliminate wrinkles.


Name some of the champion ingredients for better skincare?

These are glycolic acid originated from sugars, lactic acid originated from milk.

Benefits of glycolic acid: – It is perfectly suitable for oily or acne-prone skin.

Benefits of lactic acid: – It contains good hydrating properties. It has anti-microbial properties, which are perfect for the treatment of pimples and acne.


As citric acid is also an AHA originated from citric fruits named lemons and oranges. It contains anti-aging properties and will surely brighten your skin.

Benefits of BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) on your skin: –

One of the very known and commonly used BHA is salicylic acid and originated from willow tree bark, sweet birch, and wintergreen oil. Aspirin also contains salicylic acid.


If you might apply Aspirin to treat acne, then you know the reason behind it. Why?

Just like AHA, BHA is beneficial for exfoliating the skin. After all, they have some unique way of action and provide you different profits. It can penetrate the skin more deeply.

Nature of BHA: – Lipophilic in nature, which implies that it is attracted to oil. It is super excellent for removing excess oil and sebum from the skin. It will penetrate deeply and clean all your pores completely.

BHA is perfect for those individuals who have oily skin. It contains anti-inflammatory properties. It will help you to eliminate redness and irritation from the skin. It is anti-microbial. However, bacteria are the head culprit behind acne; it will improve it completely as well. It helps you to remove acne from the skin.

From research, we may get to know that it contains salicylic acid since salicylic acid is photoprotective. It is a perfect sunscreen. BHA seems to be advantageous for you when it comes to skincare. It is worth using for your skin. It proves to be very much helpful for your skin. For a different kind of skin problem, you can apply this product to your skin.


Benefits of PHA (Polyhydroxy acids) on your skin: – 

As every acid supports you to exfoliate. So, polyacid is not an exception. Polyhydroxy acids are the newest ones in the family of hydroxy acids. And it is used in skincare products.

PHA is not very different from AHA in the phrase of the structure of molecule and action mechanism. It supports the exfoliation of the skin and will break down the bond among cells. And it also has good hydrating properties like the AHA.

But there is a little difference between AHA and PHA. PHA is a substantial molecular size as compared to AHA. It will not penetrate the skin quickly, just like AHA. If the individual has sensitive skin, then PHA is the perfect match for you. PHA is best for those who have eczema or rosacea.

It contains essential antioxidant properties. It will improve the aging of the skin thoroughly. It has the same action as AHA; it will eliminate wrinkles and fine lines from your skin. Its best suits you if the individual has mature skin.

Name some of the common PHA?

These are lactobionic acid originated from lactose in milk, galactose (basic sugar), and gluconic acid (originally discovered in cells.)

What is the research behind AHA BHA PHA?

All the acids boost the health of the skin.

Mainly, AHA eliminates the concentration of calcium ions in the epidermis.

BHA offers protection from the UV rays of the sun. It contains anti-bacterial properties.

Gluconolactone, which is a PHA, protects against UV radiation.

The research revealed that all hydroxy acids had beneficial effects. They contain many advantageous properties. For your skin problem, they are useful for you and make your skin smooth and young.


Conclusion: –

Studies revealed that AHA BHA PHA seems to be beneficial for your skincare. They contain anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties. All the benefits are mentioned above are beneficial for you. For your different skin types, you can pick the relevant one for your skin.

All the hydroxy acids contain many advantageous properties. It has various unique and special properties as it has been added to skincare for many decades. Please consult your doctor first before applying anything to the skin.


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