Foods For Good Skin

Foods That Are Good For Your Skin

As the study on the good foods for healthy skin is insufficient. However, the antioxidant is rich food that resembles to have a protecting effect for good skin.


Nourishment is essential for health and skin. Having an unhealthy diet can destroy your metabolism, induce more weight gain, and also damage your organs, like the heart and liver.

What you eat in everyday life also affects another organ — mainly your skin.

As experts study more about diet and the body, it’s more getting obvious that what you eat can surely influence the health and aging of the skin.

This article will let you know about healthy food that makes your skin looks good and healthy. Some of them are mentioned below. Read them all carefully.

Foods That are Good for Your Skin

It’s Better to Go With Vitamin C-Rich Foods

Many fruits and vegetables will comprise antioxidants and good volumes of vitamins C and E, which can fight wrinkles and give you healthy-looking skin.

So, the good food choices for healthier skin that comprise vitamin C are:

  • Citrus — Oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes contain citrus, which will give your skin a radiant look.
  • Bell peppers — Eating Green, orange, red, or yellow according to you. It will make your skin healthier.
  • Consuming Broccoli can be Steam or roast (fine, roast!) for a natural, healthful side and glowing skin.
  • Strawberries — You can have them fresh or also have some in a tasty smoothie.
  • Kiwi — Have some to your desired fruit salad, or have some veggie kebabs for a delicious twist.

Fatty Fish

Well, have some Fatty fish, like salmon, mackerel, and herring; they are the best foods for healthy and glowing skin. And rich reservoirs of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for keeping skin health best.

Omega-3 fatty acids are needed to maintain skin thick, flexible, and moisturized. Having an omega-3 fatty acid insufficiency can make your skin dry.

The omega-3 fats in fish decrease inflammation, which can induce redness and acne in the skin. They can also make your skin less sensitive to the sun’s dangerous UV rays.

Researches prove that fish oil supplements may support you fight inflammatory and autoimmune maladies affecting your skin, like psoriasis and lupus.

Fatty fish is a good source of vitamin E., And it is one of the essential antioxidants for the skin. Having sufficient vitamin E is necessary for maintaining and protecting your skin against destruction from free radicals and redness.

Ultimately, fish gives zinc — a mineral essential for managing the following:

  • inflammation for skin
  • complete skin health
  • the creation of fresh skin cells

Zinc insufficiency in the body can result in skin redness, lesions, and prolonged scar healing.

Have Your Polyphenols

Are you not intimate with polyphenols? Polyphenols are rich in antioxidants and can be obtained in a variety of dietary choices. The good sources comprise of:

  • Tea and coffee — Likewise, how much caffeine your body can manage, or you can also prefer decaf if you want.
  • Red wine — You need to remember that men should not have more than two alcoholic drinks each day. And women should not consume more than a single one.
  • Grapes — You can go and check all the delicious varieties on the market those days, go from champagne to Moon Drops.
  • Chocolate — Other than antioxidants and vitamins, chocolate (particularly dark chocolate) includes flavanols or a kind of polyphenol. It will decrease the rough touch in the skin and guard your skin against sun damage. It indicates you will consume some ounces of chocolate each day; just get assured it is composed of 60% to 70% cocoa.

Also, Don’t Forget About Vitamin E

The healthy and good foods for your skin that include vitamin E are:

  • Almonds — You can consume them in your snack arsenal or also have your trail mixture. Have some in the morning time.
  • Sunflower seeds — When you are not the kind to munch on them in their pods, you can make a purchase of the shelled variety and have them on your salads or consume them as baked goods.

Consuming Avocados

Avocados are very good and high in wholesome fats. These fats do multiple functions in the system, also the well-being of your skin.

Taking plenty of these fats is necessary to ease and keep your skin radiant and moisturized.

Investigators tell that almost 700 women discovered that a huge intake of whole fat — especially the kinds of healthy fats seen in avocados — was affiliated with more supple, flexible skin.

Also, Avocados are a rich source of vitamin E, which is an extensive antioxidant that assists in protecting the skin from oxidative harm. Most maximum Americans don’t have adequate vitamin E in their diet.

Well, vitamin E shows to be more efficient when blended with vitamin C.

Red or Yellow Bell Peppers

Just like sweet potatoes, bell peppers are also a great source of beta carotene, which our system turns into vitamin A.

A single cup (149 grams) of cut red bell pepper includes the equivalent of 156% of the DV (Daily Value) for vitamin A.

It is considered a great source of vitamin C. This vitamin is important for building the protein collagen, which holds skin firm and healthy.

A cup (149 grams) of bell pepper gives an awesome 211% of the DV for vitamin C.

Big observational research involving women associated shows that consuming plenty of vitamin C decreased the risk of wrinkled and dull skin with age.

Green Tea

Green tea is used to help protect the skin from pollution and aging.

The important compounds detected in green tea are named catechins and serve to promote the skin’s health in many ways.

Just like various other antioxidant-containing foods, green tea can boost preserve your skin against sun harm.

One 12-week research including 60 women discovered that drinking green tea every day could lessen redness from sun danger by up to 25%.

Green tea further increased the moisture, rudeness, stiffness, and flexibility of their skin.

Having green tea is an excellent choice for fresh skin; you may need to avoid taking your tea with milk; after all, there is proof that milk could decrease the impact of green tea’s antioxidants.


Some rich antioxidants, vitamin A and Vitamin C foods are mentioned. Consumed them to have healthy and glowing-looking skin. But, Always consult with your doctor first before consuming anything new in your daily diet.

Always take advice from your doctor first before trying anything new because every body is different, we have to take safe and best approach.

In the above article we have discussed about foods that are good for your skin. If you gained some knowledge from it, please share it with your friends.


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