What ingredients to avoid in skincare for rosacea? 


Rosacea is a skin condition that affects your face. It is a chronic inflammatory skin condition. People are not that caring much about this skin disease. If it is left untreated, it will become permanent on your skin. Your skin will get super red, like blushing, and also small clumps like pimples also start to seem on your skin. You’ve to treat your skin carefully (skincare for rosacea). The symptoms include pimples, flushed cheek, nose, chin, and forehead, etc.,

ngredients to avoid in skincare for rosacea“H. Pylori can trigger rosacea, a bacteria found in the gut,” said Dr. Sundardas D Annamalay. 

Many OTC products are available in the market to cure rosacea. But you can’t buy any products which are appearing in serial advertisements. There are many products you’ve to notice while selecting products for rosacea.

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ngredients to avoid in skincare for rosaceaKITCHEN REMEDIES TO AVOID FOR ROSACEA – Skincare For rosacea

Whatever technology and medicines have modernized, we still sometimes behave like old people. We are still clinging to the kitchen and natural products for skin issues. But we don’t know that many kitchen products are triggering the issue instead of healing it. You should avoid it without a second thought. Kitchen products you should avoid for rosacea are

Dairy Products

We all know that dairy has a good source of calcium. But you should avoid this if you’re a rosacea-infected person. Dairy products like sour cream, yogurt are inflammatory products. It will result in redness and bumps on your face.


According to the National Rosacea Society survey, 23% of rosacea-affected people are getting negative results through marinated beef and meat. So better avoiding meat is good. Marinated meat contains sulfides, which is an inflammatory product.

Hot food, kitchen, and water 

Spicy food and spicy beverages should be strictly avoided by rosacea-infected people. You shouldn’t eat hot food and hot water. Stay away from a kitchen that does not have a chimney because spicy food and heat can increase your skin’s redness.


Citrus has histamine, which outbreaks rosacea, so you should avoid all the products which have histamine, including citrus.

Dry fruits and nuts 

Dry fruits and nuts also have histamine content. So, you should avoid it.

Ingredients to avoid for rosacea

Some people opt for natural remedies to cure skin diseases, whereas some people opt for OTC products. We know that OTC products are always mixed up with a hell of a lot of additives, chemicals, preservatives. But all those are triggering the issue. If you use the wrong product, then rosacea will flare up. Here, the following are some 0f the items you should avoid if you’re rosacea’s affected person (skincare for rosacea).


ngredients to avoid in skincare for rosaceaAlcohol has pro-inflammatory products. If you use products that contain alcohol or if you drink alcohol, then it will cause more redness and swellings. The research said that, after intaking alcohol and using alcohol-mixed products, the production of inflammatory cytokines increases. It will result in stretching the blood vessels, and it will automatically start flushing your skin.


ngredients to avoid in skincare for rosaceaIn a survey accumulated by the National Rosacea Society, the result said 21 percent of people who used menthol found out that it increased the rosacea. Menthol has the power to make your skin sensitive. Menthol and peppermint oil diminishes the work of the sebaceous glands. It will reduce the secretion of oil. It will make the rosacea flare up.


Camphor is the most formidable product that should maintain a safe distance from your face. Well, it is used in many over-the-counter products. It has the special ability to make your skin droop from irritation and redness. So dodge this product at any cost. It can also cause seizures on your skin.

Eucalyptus Oil

We all know that eucalyptus oil is a natural and evergreen oil that is good for any disease. But this can make your skin into a nightmare. You should not use it to direct your skin. Eucalyptus oil can burn your skin. It causes several irritations.

Propylene glycol

The rosacea-affected person should be very careful while applying a product that contains Propylene Glycol. However, it is good for many skin diseases. It can also harm your skin by redness and inflammation, and soreness. If you feel irritation and soreness after applying any cosmetic which contains Propylene Glycol, without any second thought, ignore it.

Salicylic Acid

After reading this name in this list, you might feel like, “What the hell?” Salicylic acid is always an amazing and easy-to-use product for almost all skin issues. But you should also note the side effects and disadvantages of this product. If you are a rosacea-affected person, don’t ever try to use this. It can cause an extra burning sensation for your skin. It can drain out all the sebum and oil and reduce sebum production, which will turn your skin into pale and dry skin. So, avoid this product for rosacea treatment.

Glycolic Acid

According to doctors, Glycolic acids are frequently used in toners and scrubs. It is an amazing product to exfoliate your skin; it will also give an even tone and avoid premature aging and wrinkles. But it will also cause skin irritation and soreness. So rosacea-affected people should avoid this.

Witch Hazel

Though Witch Hazel is a natural ingredient, it won’t suit all the skin and won’t cure all the skin problems. Certain skin like sensitive skin and dry skin people should avoid this. It will create a very bad result in the face if you are rosacea affected one. It will also make your skin burn and suck all the oil and sebum like a blood-sucking vampire.

Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is a good treatment for skin disease, but still, it can affect sensitive skin and people who have skin cancer or rosacea. It will burn your skin and create a lot of itchiness and irritation.


Rosacea is the most disgusting disease. It will make you look like a Vampire. Our skin is the biggest asset. You should be responsible for taking care of your skin simultaneously; you should also consider what is good and what is not for your skin. I hope this article helps and you are able to examine what ingredients to avoid in skincare for rosacea.

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